Kids Fun, over 70 games and activities!

Kids Fun, meer dan 70 spellen en activiteiten om te spelen, creëren, observeren, leren en plezier te hebben terwijl u de natuur en de dieren ontdekt.

Kids Fun for iPad Kids Fun for iPhone
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"This app takes the genre up a notch by offering the "two Q's" (quality and quantity)… This is an excellent general purpose preschool app…"
Editor's Choice Award
Children's Technology Review
March 2012.
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Puzzels, vergelijken, inkleuren, geheugenspelletjes, verstoppertje, punten verbinden, zoek de verschillen, stickers, gemengde dieren en een prentenboek met geluid, … Meer dan 70 activiteiten en verschillende verrassingen die uw kinderen uren plezier, entertainment en ontdekkingstijd bezorgen!

De toepassing bevat geen woorden en kan door iedereen ter wereld worden gebruikt. Het heeft een intuïtieve interface en werd speciaal ontworpen voor jonge kinderen. Er is geen uitleg nodig, begin gewoon te spelen!

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"Kids fun is full of educational mini games… There is plenty to do inside this app! … Illustrations and sounds are a great bonus."
Famigo ★★★★★

"Kids Fun app is pure entertainment for the younger children.The interface on the app is truly brilliant; it combines a clear intuitive design tailor made for young children."
iphoneglance.com ★★★★

"Kids Fun is a wonderful combination of appeal, interaction, education, and entertainment, and will be your child's new favorite app. I'm promising that this app will not disappoint."

"Kids Fun is intuitive and entertaining. Its strength is in the large supply which should be appreciated by most children - and probably give a good shelf life."

"Kids Fun eschews text, which makes it not only preschooler-appropriate but also good for international parents frustrated by the lack of kids apps in languages other than English."
"This application has plenty to offer ... A very simple application to use; children will not need your help ... Hours of fun with Kids Fun."
Award winning great game app
Kids Apps Awards

"The best and most complete application for the youngest. If you have to choose just one, choose Kids Fun! A must-have for your kids!"
Appytouch ★★★★★

"I am excited by this app as it is not only content-rich, but the mini-games and activities are of a very high quality that really impresses me. This is a really nice choice of application for young children as hours of game play are included."

"This app is jam packed with so many fun activities that it easily keeps little ones engaged. Kids Fun has quickly become one of my three-year-old daughter's favorite apps.
Kids Fun is one of those apps that you can feel good about purchasing for your young child; children can easily play the app on their own and the numerous activities provide hours of entertaining and educational fun giving parents a much needed break.."
The iphone mom
"This app takes the genre up a notch by offering the "two Q's" (quality and quantity)… This is an excellent general purpose preschool app…"
Editor's Choice Award
Children's Technology Review
March 2012.

"The vast assortment of activities and top-class production make 'Kids Fun' an excellent choice for a great entertainment app."
Apps4kids ★★★★★

"Looking for a new all-in-one app that's appropriate for preschoolers and boasts a certain international flair? Kids Fun for iPhone is an extremely well made collection of games kids are going to adore."
bestappsforkids.com ★★★★

"Kids Fun offers a very extensive and varied gameplay in a compelling quality app. Our recommended age: two to six years!"

"This app should be in every preschool! Intuitive and especially so easy for young children to figure out. Fantastic graphics, charming audio, and ease of use make this perfect for your kids. Show it to their teachers!!"
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